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We Never Charge Our Chamber Clients A Dime!

We serve Chambers of Commerce exclusively. We offer the Community Chamber of Commerce highly innovative and creative strategies that generate considerable non-dues revenue, prodigiously positive public relations creating massive amounts of goodwill with the residents in their community that help attract, retain & win back members.

At no cost to you whatsoever, Chamber Revenue Strategies will elevate your Community COC to an essential partner status for businesses that operate within your area of dominant influence (ADI). Members will perceive that YOU (which is really US behind the scenes) are sending them several new customers per day. Not ordinary customers but rather, customers that are excited to meet them, thank them for their service or product offering and extremely open to forging an ongoing permanent relationship that could not have happened if they we not a member in good standing with YOU!

Friends and family will sometimes let you down. After all they lead busy lives. They can forget you or fail to acknowledge the big events or milestones of your life. The Executive Director of the local Community Chamber will never forget, let you down or fail you if you reside in their community. If you just bought your first house, (or 5th house for that matter) got married or newly single, brought a baby into the community, started a business and especially NEVER under any circumstances NEVER EVER forget your birthday!

Every year on EVERY adult who lives in your ADI will receive a birthday packet from their local chamber executive celebrating their birthday! (This costs the chamber NOTHING—IN Fact you earn in non dues revenue $6-$9 per adult birthday.)

All FREE— no strings attached birthday gifts. Nothing for the resident to buy, just a love offering filled with 15-25 gifts (or more) sent once a year to each adult in the area. You will make their day and frequently be the only person who remembered their special day.

Our program does not stop there. Like a member of the family the Chamber Executive sends charitable occasion appropriate gifts for the wedding, house warming, welcome the new baby or congratulatory gifts when a business is created. (The Chamber Executive gets all the credit and the expense and leg work is provided by Chamber Revenue Strategies)

Chamber Revenue Strategies inserts the Chamber Executive into every family in their community. The Chamber Executive takes on the magnanimous family members role. The family member that can be relied upon, the one that never forgets and always follows through.

As our partner, expect to be regularly stopped on the street or in the grocery isle by a local resident you do not know who profusely thanks you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Thanking you for the gifts you sent to her niece who just had a baby, remembering her son’s wedding, encouraging her uncle with his new business and most importantly her BIRTHDAY last month!

As the new member of every family in town, prepare for invitations to baby showers, family reunions, weddings, grand openings and lots of holiday events and birthday parties. When you can attend you will spot your cards on the mantle, refrigerator doors and other prominent places around the home. The buzz of the event will be that every adult in attendance has received kind, gracious, valuable gifts from you in the last year. Many will want a picture taken with you as the Chamber Executive will become somewhat of a local celebrity.

What does that level of goodwill and public relations cost? Not a dime. In fact, it will turn into the single biggest profit center, membership sales and member retention / win back tool in your toolbox.

A Winning Process

Three warm ardent touches in three weeks and several FREE no strings attached occasion appropriate valuable gifts sent to the resident by their Community Chamber Executive on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and it’s members.

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Social Psychologists Call It The Law Of Reciprocity

Social psychologists call it The Law of Reciprocity – and it basically says that when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return. As a matter of fact, you may even reciprocate with a gesture far more generous than their original good deed. Read More

People Prefer To Do Business With People They Like

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Power Of FREE!

Imagine yourself walking into the bakery section of a supermarket. It is 4 pm and you are looking for an afternoon snack. You smell freshly baked cookies. You approach to the cookie stand and see the delicious double-chocolate chip cookies. Consider three scenarios. Scenario #1, you see the tag that reads $2 per cookie. How many cookies would you get? Scenario #2, instead imagine you are in the same situation but the tag now reads 1 cent per cookie. How many cookies would you get Finally, imagine that in scenario #3, that the tag now reads free. How many cookies would you get in this case? Read More

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