Our Chamber Partners never write us a check, SO… We are going to throw out the first rule of marketing. Sell the sizzle not the bacon. Sell benefits but do not go into detail how the sausage is made. Below you are going to see a step by step outline as to exactly how our program works from initial meeting to successful execution.

Step 1. Meet with prospective Chamber Executive partner and fully explain our benevolence marketing program concept in minute detail. Including conservation projections as to the impact our program will have on the Chamber of Commerce, financially, public relations, member acquisition, retention and win back. Remember our Chamber Partners NEVER write us a check but will realize $6-$9 per adult resident each year in non-dues revenue with our Birthday Goodwill Gift Package alone. They will earn substantially more once the new mover, new baby, new business owner and wedding Goodwill Gift Packages are added to the campaign. 

Step 2. Note: MOST IMPORTANT STEP BY FAR. Invest a significant amount of time with the prospective Chamber Executive Partner to insure we share a similar vision for a philanthropic program for the residents of their community and have a strong sense of alignment regarding the altruism objects and the strategic execution of the program. It is essential that we meet with each person on the Chambers team that will be involved in the promotion of the strategic alliance under consideration.

It is expected that most Chamber Executive will immediately want their COC to participate. The zero capital investment involved, extraordinary levels of goodwill created in the community and optional participation from members who elect to take part. Contributions from only a very small percent of the members is required to make the program tremendously successful both financially and socially within the community.

Step 3. Once BOTH parties agree to move forward a document outlining the alliance and revenue sharing arrangement will be drafted and a comprehensive presentation will be prepared for the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

It is not always favorable for a Chamber Revenue Strategies (CRS) representative to make the presentation to the Chamber’s Board. CRS has an unqualified preference to have  it’s personnel make the board presentation whenever possible.. It is unrealistic to expect the Chamber Executive could be brought up to speed quick enough to give the presentation and answer the plethora of questions from Board members as effectively as a CRS representative. The presentation can be made in person, electronically with a webinar, or even in a conference call

Step 4. Upon approval, a thorough training program will be conducted to prepare the Chamber Partners team for launch. The benevolence campaign always first launches with the Birthday Goodwill Gift Program. With the guidance of a CRS customer service representative, the Chamber Executive will select a Birthday card shell to be used in the campaign, customize the inside Happy Birthday message, record the ringless voicemail teaser and follow up recordings.

Step 5. The Chamber Executive and CRS customer service representative will set the demographics for what residents will be sent the Happy Birthday Goodwill Gift Package. Selection criteria includes, geographical zip codes, ages of recipients (25-65 is recommended), social economic demographics based upon income, home ownership, employment status.

Monthly volume estimates are determined based upon demographic choices.

Step 6. The Chamber Executive will work with a CRS representative to develop information distribution strategies to share the details of the opportunity with the Chambers membership base.

Birthday Goodwill Gift Package voicemails and mailings begin once 5 members agree to participate in the benevolence program. 25 contributing members is considered a successful altruism campaign. (There is no maximum number of participants, more gifts only mean more excitement – shock and awe-, more goodwill- buzz in the community- and more favorable response -ROI- for the member participants.

Once 25 members are participating then we will work with the Chamber Executive to add another channel of distribution such as new home owners, new baby, new business or wedding.

Our goal is to continue to serve and work with the Chamber Executive until EVERY adult birthday, EVERY wedding, EVERY birth, EVERY new home owner, EVERY new business owner is recognized by their Chamber of Commerce in an intensely personal way with a fervent personalized greeting card and a considerable number of occasion specific, highly valuable, no strings attached gifts provided by Chamber members.