People prefer to do business with people they like. The #1 reason that they like someone is that person has FIRST demonstrated that they like them!

People prefer to say yes to those that they like. Who do they like? People who like them.

Persuasion science tells us that there are four important factors. We like people who demonstrate FIRST that they like us, people who are similar to us, we like people who pay us compliments (sincere compliments or pure flattery work the same), and we like people who cooperate with us towards mutual goals.

In a series of negotiation studies carried out between MBA students at two well-known business schools, some groups were told, “Time is money. Get straight down to business.” In this group, approximately 55% were able to come to an agreement.

A second group was told, “Before you begin negotiating, exchange some personal information with each other. Identify a similarity you share in common then begin negotiating.” In this group, 90% were able to come to a successful and agreeable outcome that was typically worth 18% more to both parties.

Everyone likes people that give them gifts. Especially if perceived as no strings attached, the gift was unexpected, personalized and delivered with genuine kindness.

To harness this powerful principle of liking, give a gift (think baker’s dozen), be sure to look for areas of similarity that you share, offer genuine compliments make sure they leave the interaction feeling that you like and appreciate them.

They will reward you with loyalty, referrals and lots of future business. Click Here to See How We Do It

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