We serve Chambers of Commerce exclusively. We offer the Community Chamber of Commerce highly innovative and creative strategies that generate considerable non-dues revenue, prodigiously positive public relations creating massive amounts of goodwill with the residents in their community that help attract, retain & win back members.

We will not work with JUST ANY Chamber of Commerce.

Since we NEVER ask our Chamber clients for a check, it is essential that we are careful to attract “like minded” Chamber Executives as partners.

Chamber Revenue Strategies is looking to serve Chamber Executives with Board of Directors who believe;

  1. In innovation and seek creative ways to advance the goals of their organization.
  2. Long term reputation and exemplary service should always be placed above short-term profit.
  3. A COC should never go to their community looking for money from residents. A good Chamber Executive will only come to the community with good tidings, service, benevolence, philanthropy and love.
  4. The more valuable the Chambers service offering the more likely they are to attract new members, retain current members and to win back former members. A Chamber Executive must always be searching for new ways to excite the base and add value to the membership offering.
  5. The clear majority of COC’s underutilize the tremendous credibility they possess as a Center of Influence in their community.   This influence can serve the membership by introducing members to the residents of the community with a benevolence program (love offering) that will create a stampede of new customers that the member would never have obtained if not for the COC opening the door to the relationship. The community residents are delighted to participate as they are receiving Goodwill Gift Packages with 15-25 (or more) no strings attached occasion appropriate gifts and fervent appreciation for the important life cycle events that transpire in their lives.